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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar in Richmond Va at MMA Institute

Kazeka Muniz will be conducting a BJJ seminar on November 10th, 2012 in Richmond Virginia at the MMA Institute. Kazeka is a fourth degree black belt under Carlos Gracie the founder of Gracie Barra. Kazeka brings with him not only a wealth of BJJ knowledge but is also a world class wrestler recently representing the united states at the world championships in Budapest. He is also an accomplished MMA competitor and mixes his knowledge of MMA, BJJ, and wrestling into a very practical style that transcends no matter which art you have interest in.

Kazeka is highly sought after by some of todays top MMA and UFC fighters. He is the BJJ coach of top ranked Michael Bisping and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Matt Brown and many other active UFC fighters. Kazeka is also the coach of MMA Institute’s head trainer and BJJ black belt Rick. McCoy. In the words of Rick McCoy “I have trained over the past 17 years with some of the best BJJ and MMA talent and coaches and very few come close the having the knowledge and experience Kazeka possesses”. MMA Institute is proud and honored to have Kazeka in town for the week and he will also be available for private training all week long as well.

You can book your spot by calling 804-330-3424 or you can stop by MMA Institute at 6415 Jahnke road Richmond Va and register for the seminar or for private lessons.

MMA Institute based out of Richmond Virginia takes on the world

Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Atlantic City NJ premier Professional MMA Organization had their 18th show with this being its debut in Virginia. CFFC 18 was held October 27th at the Richmond Raceway complex in Richmond Virginia. This was a big show for Virginia and no surprise to the fans in attendance it was dominated by Virginia’s biggest fight team MMA Institute. Overall MMA Institute went 7-1 going 2-0 in the amateur undercard and 5-1 on the pro main card.

To start off for MMA Institute was Julia “will killa” Ho coming into the bout with a 1-0 record taking on Evie Johnson. It was clear early on in the exchanges striking, that Julia had the crisper striking and won the first round with striking dominance. In the second round Julia scored a takedown early and quickly secured Johnson’s back and sunk in a rear naked choke for the tap. Next up from MMA Institute was Scott Noble. Noble was a standout football star from JMU making his amateur debut in MMA. This was the quickest fight of the night with a devastating knee KO that halted the fight less than 30 seconds in the first round.


Mark Strickland Vs. Joe Slaughter

On the main card starting off the professional bouts was MMA Institute’s and Predator wrestling Coach Mark “The Predator” Strickland. Strickland is known for being one of the best wrestlers to ever come out of Virginia and has turned his competitive focus on MMA. Strickland had recently made his pro debut in New Orleans last month taking on a Veteran fighter with close to 20 professional fights and winning that fight by unanimous decision. This fight was thought to be easier taking on Joe Slaughter who came in with a 0-1 record. This turned out to be a war with Strickland dictating with takedowns and superior wrestling and Slaughter fighting every second making this a competitive match up. After three hard fought rounds Mark Strickland was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Donny Ooton Vs. Same Eure

The next fighter from MMA Institute was another wrestling coach from MMA Institute, Donny ”One Speed” Ooton. Ooton has built a reputation since early on in his amateur career as a very aggressive and exciting fighter. .  Sam Eure fights out of Virginia beach and was making his professional debut. This fight did not disappoint, from the first bell Ooton stayed active both standing and on the ground and used his dominant wrestling style to dictate the pace of the fight.  After  three hard fought rounds Donnie Ooton was declared the winner by Judges decision.

Keith Bell Vs. Shelton Graves

Fight number three featured the heavyweights; Keith “Bad News” Bell from MMA Institute verses Shelton Graves from Maryland. This started as a fast paced fight especially for the big boy division. Both fighters came out throwing heavy punches and both seemed willing to throw.  As the fight progressed it ended up on the cage were Keith took a shoot that put him to the mat. Graves followed up quickly with some unanswered shots and forced the referee to stop the fight by TKO giving MMA Institute its only loss of the night.

Terrell Hobbs Vs. Mike Phillips

The fourth fight of the night had Bellator veteran Terrell “Hollywood Hobbit” Hobbs from MMA Institute taking on the very experience Mike Phillips. This was considered by many the best fight of the night from a technical stand point if not from excitement. Every round had great stand up exchanges with Hobbs securing takedowns followed by some nice ground n pound in each round to secure the each round on the judges’ cards. Finally in the third round Hobbs found his opening after securing a takedown to side mount, he unleashed a barrage of unanswered blows which again forced the referee to step in and declare Hobbs the winner by TKO 1:58 into the final round.

Bryan Lashomb Vs. Rich Ostrum

The fifth fight of the night pitted Bryan ”The Angry Elf” Lashomb from MMA Institute against power house Rich Ostrum. Rich Ostrum a BJJ brown  belt from Global academy in Virginia Beach was a last minute step in fight for Lashomb when Ostrum’s original opponent got a cut during training and Lashombs original opponent Keyon Wilkins no-showed and promoters couldn’t get in contact him with three days before the fight. Both fighters seemed to want to keep the fight standing in the first round with some great striking skills exhibited by both fighters. Lashomb seemed to be the quicker and more technical and Ostrum seemed to look more for the bigger power shots. Lashomb landed the cleaner shots and dictated the striking giving him the first round. Early in the second round Lashomb decided to change it up and secured a takedown followed by ground and pound. Using his striking to advance his position Lashomb moved to mount where he began to unload elbows that prompted the referee to halt the action and declare Bryan Lashomb the victor by TKO at 2:31 of the second round.

Mike Wade Vs. Kris McCray

The Main event of the night featured MMA institute fighter Mike “Taylor Made” Wade against UFC veteran and Ultimate Fighter season 11 Runner up Kris McCray. Kris McCray came into this fight undefeated outside of the UFC. Mike Wade used this opportunity to show the world he was ready to move up to the next level. The first round saw Mike use his strong wrestling to control up against the fence and cause McCray to primarily defend during the opening round. In the second round McCray seemed to turn it around and opened up with his striking that did some damage and seemed to use his wrestling defense on the cage to open up strikes and give him the second round. The third round proved to be the most exciting and dominate of all the rounds. Wade secured a takedown in the first part of the round and took full advantage of the positional dominance. He transitioned from mount to back mount the rest of the round and came close to finishing McCray several times before the bell ended the round. The fight ended with Mike Wade getting the decision and the biggest win of his young career.


MMA Show in Richmond Va October 27th Featuring UFC and Bellator Vets!

Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) at the Richmond Raceway October 27th.

CFFC, Atlantic City’s biggest and longest running MMA event is having it’s first event in Richmond Virginia this upcoming Saturday at the Richmond Raceway Complex. This will be the highest profile Professional MMA show to ever hit Richmond or the central Virginia area. If you are a UFC or MMA fan this event is a must see!

The main event will feature The Ultimate Fighter season 11 runner up Kris McCray taking on Home town favorite Mike Wade, fighting out of Richmond’s MMA Institute. The rest of the pro card is stacked with high level talent from all over Virginia and the Mid Atlantic region.Richmond and Virginia as a whole  has a lot of talented fighters and come this Saturday they are going to put it all on the line inside the CFFC cage. Also show up early and don’t miss the under card fights featuring female MMA fighters Julia Ho vs Evie Johnson both fighting out of Richmond Virginia. If you are a fan of MMA you don’t want to miss this event.

Below is the pro card starting at 7:00 pm at RIR complex off Laburnum Rd.

Kris McCray vs Mike Wade

Johnny Curtis vs Randy Smith

Aaron Carter vs Jeremy Carper

Bryan Lashomb vs Kayon Wilkins

Terrell Hobbs vs Mike Phillips

Keith Bell vs Shelton Graves

Donnie Ooton vs Sam Eure

Marcus Daniels vs Richard Ostrum

Mark Strickland vs Joe Slaughter

Dusty Shaw vs Kenny Gaudreau

So if you are ready for some hard hitting MMA action right here in Richmond Va don’t miss CFFC this Saturday October 27th.


Practical Self-Defense and A Real Workout

Of all of the fitness programs out there, I’d be willing to bet that a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class probably has not ever crossed your mind. Why would it? Isn’t that stuff just for fighters? I’m going to let you in on a secret that the media hasn’t yet caught on to: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, has a number of health benefits.

The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to reap from the typical hour-long Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.

  • Burning Calories. Though a definitive study has not been completed, it is estimated that you burn between 450-1000 calories per one hour class. This could be even higher during “Open-Mat” sessions where there is less instruction and more practice.
  • Exercise for Mind and Body. For a lot of people, exercise tends to be a thoughtless activity. BJJ requires focus, concentration, and attention to detail. You are learning as well as exercising, which means your brain gets a workout too.
  • Work Your Core. Many popular routines and courses emphasize the need for building core strength. BJJ practitioners exhibited excellent upper body and abdominal strength and endurance and exceptional isometric back strength when tested.
  • Dedication to Your Workout. It’s easy to shrug off going to the gym. Not so easy to shrug off a class where you could miss learning a new technique, or where a partner is depending on you to be there. It’s just a little extra motivation.
  • Useful Skills. Of all the exercise/combat/self-defense combination classes out there, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the most practical, especially for women and children. This martial art is designed to help level the playing field when there are differences in size and strength. It reduces the influence of a single person’s physical strength and gives advantage to the person with greater technical skill.
  • Perfect for Cross-Training. The sort of endurance required for BJJ is different from the endurance required for swimming, biking, or running. When combined with these other activities as part of a cross-training program, practitioners can build a higher level of fitness. This is especially helpful to those who compete in marathons, triathlons, and the like.

What Are You Waiting For?

Richmond has plenty of places that offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu courses, so it isn’t hard to find one close to you. This could be just what your workout routine needs to help you get into shape or get you to the next level. Still not sure about it? Click here to contact someone who can provide professional answers to your all of your questions.

Kettlebell Workouts Get Results


Most of us have seen those workout videos designed for people who don’t have time to work out. Four minute abs. Six minute butt. Three minute calves. You get the gist. They’ve been around forever, but have you ever heard whether they actually work or not? Me either.

There is a workout that is quick and provides a thorough workout, though. Even better, it doesn’t come on VHS and it isn’t pitched to you via infomercial. I’m talking about Russian kettlebells. The kettlebell is a weight. It looks like a rounded ball of metal with a hooped handle protruding from it. The kettlebell was most popularly associated with turn of the century (19th, not the 20th) strongmen. It’s now making a comeback — and for good reason.

Do Less, Get More.

The traditional workout associated with kettlebells resemble manual labor tasks like shoveling or carry buckets. The unique shape of the weight is very different from the balanced weights we are used to seeing in the gym. As a result of the weight’s imbalance, the body has to work to make up for it and you develop more dynamic strength as a result. Instead of isolating individual muscles (as you do when you curl a dumbbell), your muscle groups work together to maintain balance as well as lift the weight. Why’s that a good thing? It both builds and tones muscle. Switching to a kettlebell workout can cut numerous machines, weights, and exercise devices from your workout and save you a lot of time. Who wants to spend all day in the gym anyway?

It’s not all about muscle.

Kettlebell workouts are a also a great change-up for your cardio routine. A typical kettlebell routine includes exercises that are aerobic. They’ll get your heart working and have you breathing deep, so you’re burning calories. Think of it as a day you don’t have to run on the treadmill, stair-stepper, or elliptical. It’s also great to add to a conditioning program if you participate in endurance sports such as long distance running or swimming.

 30 minutes or less.

Kettlebell workouts need not be long, arduous tasks. 30 to 45 minutes is about all it takes. Many participants claim that they lost weight quicker doing these exercises than they did regularly attending a gym where they ran and lifted weights. It’s not totally surprising, though. Exercises that strengthen the core while providing an aerobic workout are a great means of losing weight.

Do it right.

Eventually, if you choose to, you’ll be able to perform kettlebell exercises at home. It’s best not to start at home though. If you’d like to give kettlebells a try, then be sure to go somewhere there is an experienced trainer. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could get hurt. It’s important to have someone to supervise you and make sure that you’re doing it right.


More facts about kettlebells.

An interesting story and the history of kettlebell training. 

A great article on how Kettlebell workouts can help ease back pain. (Thanks to @karawaane for the contribution!)

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